Learning Git command lines

When I found out that I will be learning about GitHub in module 2. I researched what GitHub actually is and what it does. I had no knowledge how to use the command lines what so ever. Now that I have finished this module I now have a better understanding of git and the command line. I am now able to use it with confidence. i think it it a really good and helpful too. What I like about git is that I can go back to an earlier version of my piece of code just in case I mess something up . In fact it is hard to loose your work in git and so easy to go back in time.

The most challenging part of this module was trying to get my head around that I will be using git command lines for the rest of my projects which I didn’t like because it meant that I had to learn something so complicated. I have come to the conclusion that git command lines is so easy to learn and pick up on. the most rewarding par is that I am now able to use git command lines with confidence. I have learned git in a short period of time.

Roots Technology has really helped me work through this module by supporting me and answering my questions.